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Usability/Mobile Crowd Testing


  • World’s First Virtual trial Shopping App for an easy shopping experience with a perfect match on products that are virtually trailed.
  • The app is a go to solution for finding footwear in seconds using their proprietary technology.


  • The app was developed to provide a platform for user to try out footwear virtually before making a purchase.
  • The app has catalogues where in with the personalized virtual foot result user can make purchase with different comfort fits.
  • For larger foot sizes there is a separated process was to be created i.e. a virtual foot which aids in to identify the footwear. 
  • The lighting conditions should be good enough for a shadow free pictures. 


  • Defined testing scope with client teams
  • Crowd sourcing can be done to get people of right foot sizes.
  • A practice run can be done to overcome errors during registering or creating virtual foot.
  • Validated through Functional, Usability, Exploratory, System, Interruption and Compatibility testing and Interruption testing

Technology & Tools

  • Jira, Xcode, ADB monitor tool
  • Performance monitoring tools
  • Burp Suite, Android Profiler


  • Significant reduction in testing cost
  • More than 30,000 data points for algorithm fine tuning
  • One stop solution for complete functional testing and data analysis across various spectrum of edge case scenarios
  • Concrete user feedback provided to enhance usability and learnability
  • Testing across multiple platforms and form factors for better product quality

Crowd Execution Process