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E-Commerce/Mobile crowd Testing

Customer: India’s first Omni-Channel retailers operating primarily in the food and grocery segment

  • Online grocery experience through mobile apps


  • To have a constant inflow of customers and to repeatability of the customers on the application.
  • The customers should be able to navigate through the application effortlessly
  • To attain the functional stability of the application on different platforms


  • Defined testing scope with client teams
  • Tested the application on 100+ devices from 15 different OEMs with 21+different OS versions and on 6 different network operators
  • Validated through Functionality, Usability, Interruption, Compatibility testing and Security testing (OWASP Top 10 only)

Tools and Technology

  • Jira, Xcode, ADB, DDMS
  • Performance monitoring tools
  • Burp Suite, Android Profiler


  • Identified 50+ critical defects on production app
  • Proven prevention of high severity defects (95%)
  • Feature wise defect breakup for better prioritization
  • Testing across multiple platforms and form factors