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Payment Gateway Automation Testing


  • Largest provider of e-commerce security in India
  • The product enables credit and debit card holders to make mobile payments to merchants


  • Payment Gateway system was integrated with multiple banks with multiple cards
  • Automation solution to support both web and mobile platforms for all applications across the company


  • Customized test Yantra framework to enhance test coverage
  • Created reusable components to reduce script development time
  • Parallel test execution to reduce execution time
  • Risk based test case analysis to optimize number of test cases to be executed
  • Early automation strategy to cope up with development pace
  • Automated new complex features using standard modules/libraries created in the framework.

Technology& Tools

  • Yantrix Automation Framework
  • Selenium Web driver, Java
  • Maven, Test NG, Github
  • Jenkins CI


  • Data created on the fly using automated scripts
  • Optimized execution time (4 hours for all servers/browsers) through parallel execution
  • Complete testing covering app and environment for each build

Automation framework