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  • World's leading learning company which provides learning materials, technologies, assessments and services to teachers and students


  • Contents to be functional on different environments which includes Web hosting (Contents hosted Local server, staging server and Online server) and Mobile environment.
  • End Users should be able to navigate through the contents effortlessly


  • Test strategy and test plan was created and reviewed with client
  • Manual test cases for different platforms were created and approved by  client
  • Validated the requirements through Smoke testing, Functional, Usability, Exploratory, System, Ad-hoc and Compatibility testing

Technology & Tools

  • Jira, SVN
  • MediaTab, NetLimiter
  • Alfresco and STP
  • Screenshot and Video capturing tools


  • Total cost of testing was reduced significantly
  • Proven Prevention of at least 95% of high-severity defects
  • Maximum defects found before actual product launch resulting in faster stabilization of product.
  • Testing across multiple platforms and form factors offering peace of mind on the product release.

Test Execution Process