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TYSS comes with solid experience in Cloud based testing. The approach we follow is:

A simple workflow defining the scenarios/test cases, the cloud services and Environment, Perform test execution, and analyze the test results.


Cloud Testing


Application under test (AUT) to be placed in the cloud instance of the cloud infrastructure.

Access the application in the cloud and execute the test cases (functional and nonfunctional)

  • Defining the standards and cloud testing process
  • Defining clear SLAs
  • Verifying service availability
  • Verifying application accessibility
  • Verifying the workflow
  • Verifying application performance
  • Verifying data security
  • Get the reports and analyse the reports.

Testing for End-to-end cloud system availability is the prime thing in cloud. This testing involves testing the connectivity testing for latency. Network monitoring for any kind of downtime is performed, as the downtime is considered as loss to address the business, and hence we at TYSS perform constant network performance and service monitoring

Our cloud testing solutions help organizations enhance its effectiveness with reduction in testing cost and shortening the running and delivery time as servers are available as and when needed on demand.

At TYSS for any type of cloud testing we ensure that we have access to the cloud services and data needed without any sort of delays. We ensure the experience of the cloud service that of a local server though the server is hosted in cloud remotely.

Testing using various service provider

TYSS is capable of providing testing services where the testing activities needs to be accomplished in cloud environment.

Amazon Web Services (AWS):

Create/Have an AWS account

Convert the entire application setup into one or more S3 images (Instances) and set them up to communicate to one another.

AWS provides ways to configure each EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) instance to communicate. Firefox plugin called Elastic Fox is one; the second is an Ajax-enabled AWS management page.

Testing using Google Cloud

We use Google's Deployment Manager which is a template-driven service which helps in defining test environment with virtual machines, storage, load balancers and other resources for deploying resources in the cloud.

Google's Cloud Monitoring service helps in generating alerts and populates performance dashboards in a production environment. Performing stress tests on new application code is helpful too.

The Cloud Security Scanner helps in performing security testing for Google App Engine and helps in identifying known vulnerabilities, such as cross site scripting and mixing of HTTPS and HTTP traffic

Testing using MS Azure

TYSS performs cloud testing in with the help of Microsoft Azure testing tools for cloud applications. Microsoft's Visual Studio Application Insights is a new service in preview mode that will likely become a key cloud testing and monitoring service.

This helps to monitor ASP.NET and Java applications running in Azure or other platforms along with mobile apps, such as those for Android and iOS, as well as Mac OS X and Windows applications. With Azure automation we can reduce manual and repetitive tasks with consistent testing in the cloud.