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Siebel CRM


  • Tier1 Telecommunication service provider across India


  • Siebel CRM implemented to cover Sales, Service & Marketing
  • 260 Steel Thread flows to secure delivery.
  • Unstable environment and supporting infra
  • Many undiscovered bugs still in the application


  • Implemented Yantrix Framework on Java + Selenium
  • Separate data sheets for each environment execution
  • Handled DB testing, Integration with other applications.
  • JSCH (Java Secured channel) used to handle proxy settings.
  • Lights off Mode Execution handled via Jenkins Scheduling.
  • Optimized Reusables and Customized Reporting


  • Yantrix Framework
  • Data Driven and Page Object Model Framework - Java, Selenium
  • Excel Data, Jenkins CI, Customized Reports


  • Savings of 864 person hours per environment execution.
  • Visibility on Application performance across environments
  • Lights Off Mode via Jenkins ensure optimal and thorough testing
  • 50+ defects uncovered during regression

Automation Framework