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Travel and logistics domains go hand in hand as travel domain is the greatest enabler for logistics domain. Travel is a considered as an indicator for the growth of an economy. The travel includes the movement of people and goods across the world. The travel domain includes the management of the various modes of transport of people and goods. The travel domain is the lifeline of worldwide connectivity in literal sense, amongst the people of different parts of the world. This is the factor that fuels the economy. The deep concern for regulatory needs, security, and changing dynamics has led this industry to strive hard for better growth while providing transparency and better services. The Technology has helped this Industry to achieve the current trends. The goal of this industry is to generate new revenue possibilities, improve efficiency in Supply chain by getting real time insights in the various stages of the business.
Considering the volumes of data involved adopting to latest technologies is the key to sustenance. The focus is also to retain customers by providing personalized focus and customized solutions. Test Yantra has good experience in providing testing services to the travel and logistics Industry.


  • Travel
  • Airlines
  • Car Rentals
  • Road carriers
  • Rail Roads
  • Shipping
  • Ticketing Systems


  • Courier, express parcel and postal services