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Crowd Testing

Crowdbetatesters, a Unit of Test Yantra, is a trusted quality assurance partner and managed crowd testing company. Our expert testers support startups/ product companies get to market quicker, improve user experience and launch apps with confidence. We test Mobile Apps, Web Apps and Games on real mobile devices in a time efficient manner. We have helped dozens of companies successfully engage with us on any of their testing needs.


CBT Approach


Quality of any project is defined primarily by its capability of handling the business flow by the end user. Any hiccups faced in the business flow to the user would be a loss to the company.  That’s why we have a very well structured and easily adaptable crowd testing process for the rigorous testing of the application by experienced engineers, so that you launch the product to market with full confidence. We follow a controlled crowd testing approach where engineers will test the application in end user perspective on various platforms. This results in greater stability of the application at the most required features well before the launch to the market.


Benefits with Crowd Testing

  • Quick testing turnaround – Results will be available within two days. 
  • End user testing – Usability feedback from 100+ users
  • Real time user load applied on application.
  • Testing on varied real devices and Network
  • Dedicated Test labs


Industry  Challenges 




Salient Features

Salient Features