About Us

Test Yantra is a Global IT Services Company offering expertise in QA, Automation & Testing services with capabilities in Selenium, Appium, QTP and Sauce Labs integration.

Headquartered in Bangalore India., the hub of software technology - Test Yantra has carved a niche for itself in the testing industry. With offices in US and UK Test Yantra provides consulting to small, medium and large organizations on end-to-end solution for their QA needs. Test Yantra employs more than 500+ automation engineers with expertise on various domains and tools covering gamut of operations, providing cost-effective and quality testing solutions & services for the software industry through consulting, outsourced testing and its own testing products. We help organizations take full advantage of automation, both mobile and web, starting at the initial design phase till maintenance and can serve as an extension to your team to speed up the QA process. Our services include (but are not limited to) setting up an account on Sauce, developing/customizing framework and integrating with GIT and CI tools, creating and executing scripts, project management, and documentation.

We BELIEVE in "TEST-FOR-PERFECTION" and everyday we live and re-live OUR MANTRAS which also are OUR CORE VALUES OF EXISTENCE.

• Value Addition
• Customer Satisfaction - Unique solution to customer's unique requirements
• Cost Efficiency
• Reliability Flexibility

We believe in adding value, value to our Clients, their existing customers and their future customers across sectors. Be it insurance or be it telecommunications. Be it any business stream, value addition is guaranteed.

Our 'YAN' framework:

'Yan' provides libraries and modular framework for the popular tools like Selenium, HTIP Unit and QTP. This concept is extended for other tools also. An optimized and cost effective software testing can be obtained by a matrix which comes as a result of 'Yan'.

'Yan' framework encompasses our customized and pre-packaged tool set solutions which would be advantageous to your entire test organization. An easy transit to the keyword driven method of design, a challenge faced by testing professionals, can be achieved with least efforts by the use of our 'Yan' framework. Our automation framework facilitates the automation engineers to focus and deliver faster.

We understand that different cadres in the organization need different types of data to aid in analysis. Our framework,'Yan' generates results to cater to these needs. Our robust framework will handle the changes in the application and our libraries can be used across the test organization with minimal modification. The re-usability of script libraries saves several man days of effort, which effectively translates as savings to the organization.

The 'Yan' framework comes as an installable which can be setup within an hour and has built in libraries to speed up automation process. There are libraries which help in connecting to Excel, Database, libraries which have common actions and checkpoints used in automation, libraries for UI validations, and also libraries to handle dynamic elements without writing complicated xpath.

'Yan' has ready configuration to connect to Sauce Labs and execute scripts on the cloud. The framework has integration capability with CI tools like Jenkins and Travis, and SCM GIT to manage the code base. A custom reporting engine provides graphical execution results with build history and mail integration.

Benefits to Clients:

  • Cost savings
  • Automate web and mobile apps (native and hybrid)
  • Our robust framework for Selenium and Appium with a host of features and integration capabilities
  • Ability to ramp up the team in short notice
  • Expertise in Mobile and Web automation on multiple platforms and domains
  • Get it right first time
  • Skilled engineers with good development background