QA Consulting & Engineering Services

It is observed in many projects, that there are significant costs and time overĀ­ runs when the projects reach the test execution phase. It is critical to have well defined test processes to avoid further acceleration of these costs. At Test Yantra we have the right kind of people with immense-experience in this regard, who will help to streamline testing processes.

We the "Yans" are powered by an unquenchable thirst to find alternative ways to make the testing process simple and effective. We have a proven model which will help the organizations to manage their testing projects/ centres. Test Yantra's proven "Yan 'end-to-end' Solutions" (YES) model has helped organizations to revolutionize their processes and increase their productivity. We also work on methodologies, which will help us to optimize the usage of resources with high ROls.

We achieve this by constantly researching and finding new ways of reducing bottlenecks in the existing test processes and devise a new and efficient test process that has been implemented and tested. The consulting team typically consists of SMEs (subject matter experts), certified six sigma professionals, process consultants and they will work with the delivery team to establish processes which will help organizations to make best use of the resources.

The following are the features of the outcome based Quality services offered by Test Yantra

  • This model brings more predictability about the cost.
  • The cost is based on per unit of work like test case (TC) creation, TC execution, release execution etc.
  • The deliveries are managed by SLA framework
  • Management overhead is mostly with vendor.