Independent Verification & Validation Services

In competitive business environment, tight deadlines and/or limited budgets can compel an on-site or outsourcing development team to neglect the quality which you cannot afford. The availability, reliability, performance and security of the applications are the key to any successful business and only independent verification and validation can ensure that your application is available always, be reliable and perform at its best...always.

Test Yantra is one of the leading companies to offer the IV&V services. In our experience, we have always seen that our customers are surprised when they compare the results of testing provided by the in-house team with the results of the independent testers as independent testers finds more bugs in the application.

In Test Yantra, software testing is the prime activity and we are passionate about this particular engineering discipline. We are equipped with special methodologies, tools, knowledge, skills, experience and staff to excel in this field. The essence of independent testing is to identify the bugs or bottlenecks in the program what a developer has written and which the developer has missed to identify.

Test Yantra's Independent Verification & Validation Services (IV&VS) caters to all industries and service lines in the enterprise. It is a single point for Quality Assurance and deployment needs of business organizations. Test Yantra’s IV&V practice is facilitated by a large pool of dedicated testing professionals from across various domains such as BFSI, Aerospace, Media, Publishing & Entertainment, and Life Sciences, with expertise on various tools and technologies.Test Yantra offers various Customized testing services under this Umbrella.The identified customized testing services are carried out without being influenced by any business unit, or the development team. This independence is critical to achieve the desired level of consistency in performance.

Independent verification and validation (IV&V) is a service typically involving a third party organization that is no way connected with the Application development team or organization that is responsible for the development of the product. Test Yantra provides this service to organizations that require an independent testing team to verify and validate the Application under test. Under this service we test and certify the application based on the requirements specifications to ensure that it is working as per the user requirements and acceptance.